Sunday, June 17, 2007

La Vie parisienne, Premier acte

Paris was not what I expected, actually.

It was really quite nice. Pleasant, relatively stress-free and easy. It is an easy city to get around in, and for the most part, people are polite and helpful. There are some notable exceptions to this, which give the place a bad reputation, but overall...

We had a lovely time.

I'll start at the beginning.

International flights are truly becoming an ordeal. This one was relatively straightforward, and yet it was a pain. I believe they are trying to see exactly how much we will put up with before we all just stop traveling. Hmmm...

Anyway - I bitched enough about that the last couple of times... so we will move on.

We got there and got to the hotel early Tuesday. Killed time until we had to go to a reception at l'Hôtel Talleyrand that evening.

Dressed-up and everything. Listen to awful speeches and get free drinks. But since we had to perform the next day... we had to keep it under wraps.

The next morning we had to go out and check out the Ambassador's residence,

which was where we would be performing later that evening. So, once again we did not have too much time to check out the sights... but we would get there. I forgot my passport that day (because I am an idiot), so they didn't want to let me in... but a little convincing and a credit card, got the job done. We had to kill some time in the gardens out back...

So that sucked, obviously. We briefly met the Ambassador's wife as she strolled through while we practiced. Seemed like a nice lady.

Then we went back to the hotel and crashed for a bit. The last few days had been exhausting, and we needed to be at out best for that evening. Did I mention that we were performing for three ambassadors?

More to come...


wiggins said...

By the way - Vivien Woofter, the woman who set this whole thing up (us going over there) was in charge of the restoration of both of those buildings, and they were beautiful.

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