Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pre-game Speeches

First of all, I'm well aware that Miami lost the FSU game. Still, this is pretty funny stuff. First, listen to the clip of Michael Irvin recounting the (apparently ineffective) speech that he gave to the Canes before their season opener against Florida State. Then listen to "Fake Howard Schnellenberger" give his speech to the FAU Owls before their season opener. It's pretty funny stuff.

All of the audio comes from Dan LeBatard's radio show, which can also be very funny at times.

Michael Irvin

Fake Howard

Monday, September 26, 2005

I love these little videos

Beason (#2) was flagged for roughing the quarterback on this play. It's a heck of a hit, but the ball was fumbled about 90 yards away and the QB is effectively on defense at this point, trying to make a tackle.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

From the Mouth of God

Also known as Frank Zappa - of course this is better when heard
spoken by a woman with a thick brooklyn accent...

Information is not knowledge
Knowledge is not wisdom
Wisdom is not truth
Truth is not beauty
Beauty is not love
Love is not music
Music is THE BEST . . .
Wisdom is the domain of the Wis (which is extinct)
Beauty is a French phonetic corruption
Of a short cloth neck ornament
Currently in resurgence . . .

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Ugliest Game Ever?

I know I should be happy because the Noles won - but, honestly, the only positive I see from my perspective is that Miami lost. The Noles are going nowhere with that offense - unless one of those quarterbacks magically figures out how to throw the ball. The defense was spectacular, but it won't matter over the long haul if the offense is absolutely incapable of moving the ball.

Miami is obviously a good team, and any time we can start them in a hole is a good thing (in my mind). I don't think we learned much about their defense tonight as I think the Noles' troubles had more to do with their own incompetence than Miami's defense - we'll see about that. Wright will be good though, no?

The Noles got lucky. That was an unbelievably ugly game that they probably should have lost. They will undoubtedly lose a few games this season. I am glad they beat Miami, but I am sad because it will be a long season. Dealing with ONE freshman quarterback is bad enough. Two is twice as bad, especially as there will likely be a quarterback controversy simmering for most of the season unless one of them steps up and actually plays well.

I wish I could say I was unequivocably happy about the game - but I guess I'm feeling better than SOME people...

Sunday, September 4, 2005

T-minus Twenty-Four Hours

We're about 24-hours from gametime. Or, we're about 24 - 27-hours from Wiggins and I going off of speaking terms.

Whatever the case may be, I thought I'd share one last Hester video.

Also, 18-packs of beer are $3.99 at Publix this weekend. Life is good. I hope that I go to bed tomorrow night as happy as I am right now.

Thursday, September 1, 2005


Devin's gotten loose a couple times over the years against the Gators. Monday night could be his chance to do the same against the Noles.

Devin meets the Gators

The last time we saw Devin.