Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rake's Progress

Since I put up the Hogarth engraving up top... I've been reminded of one of my favorite arias (by Stravinksy, of all people) - and the great Auden text that inspired it. How about we start off the new regime with some culture around here?

Don't worry it won't last long -

Since it is not by merit
We rise or we fall,
But the favour of Fortune
That governs us all,
Why should I labour
For what in the end
She will give me for nothing
If she be my friend?

While if she be not, why,
The wealth I might gain
For a time by my toil would
At last be in vain.

Till I die, then, of fever
Or by lightning am struck,
Let me live my wits
And trust to my luck.
My life lies before me,
The world is so wide:
Come, wishes, be horses;
This beggar shall ride!

The Resurrection of the HB!

We are here - we are back, and there is nothing anyone can do stop us.

Well... except our own general laziness.

The new redesign will help. Getting past the Mitchell Malaise will help. Actual baseball being played (soon... soon...) will help. Mike being past the whole "getting married" thing will help.

I will tough it out through my own marriage. I'll take one for the team and make it happen. Here. On Hooray, beer. Strap yourselves in (both of you - including us). Prepare yourselves, mentally and physically.

We are about to rock your world.