Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rake's Progress

Since I put up the Hogarth engraving up top... I've been reminded of one of my favorite arias (by Stravinksy, of all people) - and the great Auden text that inspired it. How about we start off the new regime with some culture around here?

Don't worry it won't last long -

Since it is not by merit
We rise or we fall,
But the favour of Fortune
That governs us all,
Why should I labour
For what in the end
She will give me for nothing
If she be my friend?

While if she be not, why,
The wealth I might gain
For a time by my toil would
At last be in vain.

Till I die, then, of fever
Or by lightning am struck,
Let me live my wits
And trust to my luck.
My life lies before me,
The world is so wide:
Come, wishes, be horses;
This beggar shall ride!

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