Monday, March 17, 2008

Quick picks

We need to come up with some rules for this - but this year, we'll be doing a competition between Mike and I for ruler of the world. The contest will be making baseball predictions...

I just want to get my basic divisional picks in.

AL -
East - Boston
Central - Detroit
West - Seattle
WC - Angels

NL -
East - Mets
Central - Brewers
West - DBacks
WC - Phillies

Also -


NL - Prince Fielder
AL - Miguel Cabrera

Detroit over Brewers in the WS. Why not?

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Mike said...

Ok - I'm too lazy to make my own post, so my picks come via comments:

AL -
East - Boston
Central - Detroit
West - Angels
WC - Yankees

NL -
East - Phillies
Central - Reds
West - Diamondbacks
WC - Mets

NL - Ryan Howard
AL -

World Series: Tigers over Diamondbacks