Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Joe Girardi Day

So it seems that Joe Girardi will likely be fired within the next hour or so. Fine. Whatever. He did well enough. But he wasn't the best in game manager of all time (although, who is in their first year?). He seemed to do well managing a clubhouse full of personalities (ranging from minor leaguers to established stars -- even if they were all practically under 25).

But at this time last year, Girardi didn't seem to make the most sense to outsiders. Other candidates made more sense. Now it seems they're hiring one of those types -- as the rumors have Fredi Gonzalez getting the job. Fredi has a great resume and, since he is bilingual, will likely relate well to players who speak English and Spanish.

The question of the day though, for both Samson and Loria (Beinfest too if he's part of the hiring) is: what will you do differently in hiring a manager this year that you did not do next year? Clearly there was a flaw in the hiring process used last year. They hired a manager who came in and delivered results that were above expectations. Something was missed in the interview and background checking process that allowed the Marlins to hire a manager that they clearly do not want. Can they admit that mistake?

Also, if Gonzalez is hired as early as this afternoon, as has been reported, will MLB investigate the Marlins hiring practices (again)? Or do the Fish get a pass since they're reportedly hiring a Hispanic manager? Maybe it's ok to only talk to one candidate and to handle the whole process while the job is technically already filled if you hire a minority. I applaud the point of the process that MLB has put together, but the point should be to consider the best candidates. Not to just pick a name out of a hat and go after the one person that you target, as the Marlins are seemingly wont to do.


wiggins said...

Amen, brother!

fishfan24 said...

They may have gotton off of the hook because they conducted their last search only last year, and probably claimed that the second on their list was still available. (Fredi). Doesn't neccesarily make it right, but it's a defensible argument.

Mike said...

It's defensible and I think it's the right choice. But with two of their past three managerial hirings, everything was orchestrated behind the scenes and the hiring happened as they fired the old guy.

It's also interesting now that part of the logic for hiring Fredi so fast was that everyone expected he'd be in high demand once the season ended. But now with Torre likely available, the whole market is different than we thought it would be a week ago.