Monday, September 25, 2006

Scoring the Picks

I am embarrassed to report the following:

In our last set of college picks (straight up, mind you), Wiggins went a pathetic 4-6. Shockingly, Mike did worse -- going 3-7.

We did slightly better in the NFL last week. Both of us went 9-7.

This week, Wiggins came strong with his NFL pciks. He has gone 10-3, with the Reggie Bush show still pending. Mike has only managed an 8-5 record. Sad.


wiggins said...

I rule.

Even when I suck, I'm still better than you. Wow.

wiggins said...

Comments on blogger suck.

Mike said...

Explain fantasy football to me then. I'll go all Mark McGwire on you... I'm not here to talk about the past. Let's talk about right now:

Team Wigan: 1-2
Ron Mexico: 2-1

Mike said...
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wiggins said...

Don't worry - we'll be tied after this week. And who won last year?

Oh... yeah.

Mike said...

When I'm 3-1 and you're 1-3 after this weekend, we won't be tied. Our records will continue to be inverses of each other, but that's it.

I think I might leave a roster spot or two open this week -- just to see if I can win that way.