Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Just to recap here, there were eight games in the round of 16. Wiggins correctly predicted the outcome of 7 of those games. I had four of them right (somewhat surprisingly, I had one game each day right and one wrong -- weird).

Now that it's all messed up, we're repicking. Fortunately for me, the four games I got right involved my final four teams. So that's pretty good. I guess that means I don't have much to change (but then again, Wiggins had seven games right, so he has 7 of his original final 8 still in it).

Here we go...

Round of 8
Germany over Argentina -- I suppose this is where it gets ugly for me
Italy over Ukraine -- hopefully I won't get a Ukraine train run... eh, nevermind
England over Portugal -- I hope they both lose
Brazil over France -- Ronaldo showed up in round 2, Brazil may be for real, again

Everything the rest of the way is the same as before.

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wiggins said...

Looks good. Mine will probably bevery similar...

We'll see.