Monday, June 26, 2006

Halfway Through the Round of 16

So we're halfway through the 2nd round. So far, Wiggins is 3-1 with his picks (and he also had the goal differential right in the England - Ecuador game). Mike is 2-2.

I know that I picked Italy over Australia in today's game, but I have to cheer for the Socceroos. That's one of the best team nicknames left in the tournament.

Also, Wiggins is calling for a 4-0 beatdown by Brazil over Ghana later this week. That's probably a reasonable prediction. I sure hope Ghana keeps it closer than that though. If they lose by a goal, that could be on the bigger stories of the tournament. I mean, I'm hoping for a win by Ghana, but that's not going to happen.


Mike said...

This SUI-UKR game has been pretty tense.

If it comes to it, I will have a whole new appreciation for deciding a game on penalty kicks.

wiggins said...

Okay - if the games go right tomorrow, I will have gotten all but one.

Now... that ONE was pretty important since it killed the team I picked to win it all, but I'm going to overlook that...

Mike said...

Even if the games work against you today, you're going to go 5-3. Given everything that's happened (and that Ghana would have to beat Brazil), that's a pretty impressive record.