Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where be Wiggins 2.0?

Last week we heard all about the new and improved Wiggins... but WTF is he?

My guesses (from most likely to least likely):

1. New Wiggins restricted Old Wiggins web access.
2. Wiggins will be back and soon. He'll tell us about how he ALMOST DIED en route to making his next post/comment.
3. His World Cup research went really well.
4. His World Cup research didn't happen at all.
5. He's despondent over FSU's baseball tailspin. (But c'mon - haven't I always told you that no one gets a team ready for March better than Mike Martin?)
6. Wiggins met the love of his life... the new guy is really happy with Wiggins.
7. He was "featured" on one of those Dateline/child predator specials.


287,652. Wiggins met a woman.


wiggins said...


A couple of notes...

1. Both four and five are true.

2. I never said I would post more - just that I would be happy and quit bitching.

3. I've been really freaking busy. I have even officially resigned from my duties over at Firsstripes as of yesterday. The stuff I put up there then was my last. Talk about going out with a whimper...

Anwyay - I do plan on doing that World Cup stuff sometime soon... but I need to find some free time and energy first. Not that I'm complaining - I am just working to make my life better for once...

Want to buy a broken 2000 Saab 95?

Mike said...

Ooh a broken car... umm, no. A working car, maybe. But a broken one, definitely not. Sorry - that sucks.

wiggins said...

Time to buy a new one!

Thankfully I am house-sitting for the next two weeeks. HD-tv, no kids...

Peace and quiet to go along with the no job thing.


Mike said...

House sitting with HD-tv sounds pretty sweet. Do you have the baseball package? Lots of day games today.