Monday, May 1, 2006

Things I Don't Understand

There are a lot of things that I just don't understand. For instance, in all of this Reggie Bush stuff (free house for his parents, the family getting $100,000 cash, etc, etc), why hasn't anyone asked the one question that I want asked? That questions is, of course, if $100,000, use of a house for free for a year, plus whatever other perks were out there weren't enough to land the rights to be Reggie Bush's marketing person, what did the winning team give Reggie and his family? It must have been quite the package.

Oh well. The world is upside down anyway. Miami baseball sucks. FSU lost to Savannah State over the weekend. The Gators, top ranked in the pre-season, are now looking at not even making the regionals. Craziness everywhere.

I'm going back into my hole now.


wiggins said...


Savannah state!!

What the hell? I mean - getting swept at home by GT is one thing... but you should be able to count on a sweep of SS, for crying out loud!


Is there something in the water in teh state of Florida that is killing baseball entirely? College AND pros?

wiggins said...

...and yes - I HAVE to know what that deal was. Please Reggie - fess up. This HAS to be good.

wiggins said...

By the way -

Nothign new at Swing Score. What's up with that?

Mike said...

I gave up on swing score. Boring.

Miami's excuse in college baseball is that they're down on scholarships (through violations that are their own fault).

I don't think UF has an excuse. They pretty much returned last year's team.

Not sure what's up with FSU. I'm too out of the loop.