Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Something New

At one site or another I blogged the past three baseball seasons. But I kind of blogged myself out. Still though, I like this writing on the Internet thing. It makes me feel like I'm following my team(s) a little more closely. But up until the other day, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Now I think I've found something.

Last year one of the things that drove me crazy with the Marlins, and made me happy with the White Sox, was swing games. Ok, I wasn't calling them swing games at the time, but that's really what they were. The Marlins were in plenty of close games, but they often found themselves on the wrong end of them (for instance, the game early in the year that the Marlins lost in extra innings to the Braves when Juan Pierre bunted into a double play). While the Marlins were losing those sorts of games, the White Sox, inexplicably, went 35-19 in one-run games. The differences in success these two teams had last year led (pretty directly) to the White Sox surprising everyone and winning the World Series while the Marlins disappointed many and finished short of the playoffs.

So this year I'm participating, along with some other folks, in a new site on a new project. It's not entirely objective -- much of it is subjective. But we're going to try to track which games are routine, which are significant wins, and which are significant losses. My guess is that the playoff teams will have large, positive scores. I'm curious about a young team, like the Marlins, who are expected to struggle. Maybe it's just because of last night's game, but I think the Fish could surprise us with a large number of "significant wins".

Check it out - and even sign up to participate if you want - over at Swing Score.


wiggins said...

Looks cool.

Have fun with that, sir - I'll check it out when I can (which should be fairly often). Glad to have you writing regularly again...

Mike said...

Well, I don't think I'll be writing all the time. It doesn't seem like we'll be putting up much of anything for the "0" games. But it should be fun.