Monday, April 3, 2006

Opening Day Stuff

I caught a little bit of the Nats - Mets game at lunch, but I've mostly been radio only so far. For a lot of the day I've been scrolling around on XM, giving some of my favorite announcers a listen.

  • The Dodgers game just started, but Vin Scully is amazing. He still sounds like he always has. And he's still doing it all by himself.
  • President Bush through out the first pitch in Cinci. The announcers said he received a warm reception. They also said that the President was going to visit their booth to talk some baseball, but I couldn't stomach enough of a Cubs game (especially after hearing Juan Pierre lead off the game with a triple), so I didn't hear it.
  • Bob Eucker is great. I may listen to him more this year if the Brewers are as good as everyone thinks they will be.
  • Today worked out just how the Mets want the whole year to go didn't it? I guess Wagner's finger is ok.
  • I really like the Phillies announcers. Too bad (for them) that they're getting shelled.
  • I only caught a few pitches of the Rangers and Red Sox. How did I let that happen? That should be a good series.
  • I miss Joe Angel doing Marlins games.
  • The Marlins should open at home each year. Having games in New York this week is brutal. Teams in the North should wait until the second week.
  • Why aren't the Twins or Blue Jays playing today? Is it because of the Blue Jays? Is Canada in a different time zone now?
  • I am sick: I'm thinking of getting DirecTV's sports package (I have MLB Extra Innings, but not all of the regional sports channels) just so that I can watch Yankees batting practice on YES. Keep in mind, I do not like the Yankees. I just like batting practice. And batting practice on television fascinates me. Yes, I know - I need help.
  • Albert Pujols! The game is still in progress, but Al already has two homers and four runs driven in. Here's a tip: if you're in a fantasy league, pick this guy up if he's a free agent/on the waiver wire. He could be good.
  • Do the Angels own the record for most team and stadium names for a team playing in the same stadium? I'm not even sure what they call their park now, but it's been renamed at least twice (it wasn't that long ago that it was the Big A) and the California/Anaheim/Los Angeles of Anaheim/Los Angeles has changed plenty too. And all without moving anywhere! Yes, I know they significantly renovated the stadium after the Rams left, but still -- it's the same stadium in the same location.

What's up wtih these opening series matchups? I don't like that the Marlins open against the Astros and then at home with the Padres. The home openers should be against division foes. The Pads aren't going to be back in Florida all year. Sure, some of the matchups are good, like A's - Yankees, but A's - Angels would have been just as good to start the year.


wiggins said...

Thanks for the sleeper Pujols pick - I'll check that kid out.

I have had a great day of baseball. I just now took a shower. My eyes are bleeding and I haven't even fired up the for the Marlins. Unfortunately I have a rehearsal at 9:30 so I can't watch the whole thing... but I guess I can't complain...

Mike said...

Does Hermida look small or is Cabrera huge (not fat, just huge)?

wiggins said...

Both. Hermida will flesh out a bit, I think.