Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Revised Playoff Picks

Ok, I didn't do so great with the first round picks (2 of 4). Wiggins did a little better (3 of 4). Big deal.

I'm getting all the games right from here on out. Starting with this weekend:

Cardinals at Panthers - Cardinals win, big
Eagles at Giants - Eagles win, convincingly

Ravens at Titans - Ravens advance, led by the magic of Ed Reed
Chargers at Steelers - Steelers win, everyone wonders if LT even made the trip

Conference Championship Game
Eagles at Cardinals (!) - Cardinals win; they're pretty good at home
Ravens at Steelers - Ravens; just setting up my ideal Super Bowl

Super Bowl
Cardinals vs. Ravens - I don't love the thought of the Cards offense matching up against the Ravens defense, but since I brought the Cardinals this far, I have to take them the rest of the way... Cards win. Hopefully I can be there to see it.


wiggins said...

Hah! I love it. Man... when you go in - you go all the way.

I'll put my picks here.

Cause I only need to change two things.

Steelers advance this week - and lose to the Ravens... who then lose to the Panthers. This covers my misplaced earlier faith in the Colts...

wiggins said...

I also like how we now officially have archives from five different years. Crazy.

wiggins said...


Who knew being a homer would pay off?