Monday, April 28, 2008

For real?

We're now four weeks into the baseball season. Granted, the sample sizes are still very small. Less than one-sixth of the season has been played. But:

The White Sox are still in first place.
The Marlins are still in first place.
The Rays are in first place.

The Rays are in first place.

Other than what's going on in the NL Central so far (although maybe it's just setting up for an implosion of record proportion), this is the baseball season I've always dreamed of.

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wiggins said...


Just wow.

Of course - the Rays, have to be taken a little less seriously since they are tied for first with THE ORIOLES. That has to damage your credibility a bit, right? I mean... if it is still early enough for the Os to still be in it... you know this is meaningless.

But I do like the Rays. And I believe in both the Sox and the Fish. At least a little...