Friday, June 15, 2007

Since You've Been Gone

Yes, it's the official Kelly-Clarkson-title-inspired, welcome-home-Wiggins post. Here are some of the highlights from the week you missed while you were off singing for important people in France.

  • Justin Verlander through a no-hitter. Not only that, but he delivered a 102-mph fastball to the last batter of the game. That's pretty sick. Oh, and I suppose this means I have to give up talk about his impending drop off.

  • Going to the opposite end of the "no hitter" spectrum, if certain allegations can be believed... Elijah Dukes further poised himself to take prospect flame outs to a whole new level. This story is so bizarre that I don't even know how to comment. Despite his incredible baseball skills, it's impossible -- even for me -- to be a fan of the guy at this point.

  • The Cal-Irvine Anteaters take the field Saturday night for their first ever College World Series game. Their jerseys say "Eaters". Awesome.

  • The Marlins honored the 1997 World Series champions this week. On Thursday night, they even wore turn back the clock jerseys. While the players didn't like them (apparently), they looked pretty cool:

  • In light of the above, I think the Marlins should bring back at least one jersey that incorporates some teal. It could be an alternate jersey of some sort.
  • FIU hired Turtle Thomas, a former long time Miami assistant, as their new baseball coach. Mark the day... Turtle will help the FIU program, which will hurt the state's traditional baseball powers. How much is still up for debate. What's also still up for debate is how long it will take controversy and/or probation to land on FIU's campus. Those things usually follow Thomas as well.

That's all I know. Not much else exciting happened. I hope Paris was awesome (well, speaking of that, there was a lot of Paris Hilton news, but I'm not getting into that... unless you stayed at the Paris Hilton... then we'd have some cool stuff to talk about I suppose).

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