Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I Have a Dream

The Yankees tank badly this year - Steinbrenner gives up control to someone who overreacts and does even dumber moves, and the team goes in the tank for the foreseeable future. We have years of Yankee darkness. How delicious.

ARod has to leave right? He is bound for Chicago or Anaheim next year, a huge contract and more fun freak-out shit. I can't wait.

So far, this all seems not only plausible, but semi-likely, if you ask me - but here is the real fun part - if this all comes to pass... Does Jeter stick it out to the bitter end? Or does he go elsewhere? Where could he go?

I can only think of one likely destination - playing second base for the Mets, in a last ditch attempt to win another ring. He can't leave New York... the Mets are set up to win for a few years, and that infield would be sick. He can justify leaving if Torre is gone as well, I would imagine (which he would be).

How do you think the ever-so-faithful Yankee fans would react to that? I hate press conferences, but I would pay to watch that one.


Mike said...

This is great.

By Chicago, I can only hope you mean the Cubs. And that's mostly because I think the ARod meltdown coupled with Pinella's regular meltdowns would be epic.

wiggins said...

Oh yeah - sorry. Of course the Cubs. I wouldn't wish ARod on you, sir. The Cubs are a perfect fit for him. That would be beautiful...