Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Still way too early MLB predictions that will look unbelievably embarassing in two weeks, probably.

Here we go - I'll keep it simple. Division and WC winnersfor each league. Maybe I'll get ambitious and add one more funky prediction. We'll see how the spirit takes me.

NL -
EAST - Mets (I have no faith in the Braves keeping it up for the season)
CENTRAL - Brewers (Actually thought this early on, but no way to prove it now - I'm really just a bandwagon-jumper, I guess)
WEST - Padres (ONE - MORE - YEAR!)
W.C. - Diamondbacks (gotta go out on one limb - I say the Unit carries 'em)

AL -

EAST - Sox (duh)
Central - Injuns (finally)
West - A's (because I am blinded by my optimism about Harden. Damnit)
W.C. - Tigers (sorry - I see the Sox contending, but not pullign it out)

Random prediction - okay... not sure if this is so much of a prediction or what, but it is pretty immediate, anyway. I think in his next start, King Felix will either A) Dominate, and then go on to be lights out the rest of the year, or 2) have his arm fall off, and be done for the rest of the year. This will happen IN his next start, there is no in-between. Mark my words.

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Mike said...

I can't disagree with anything you wrote. Obviously, I hope you're wrong about the White Sox... but I think you're right.

And I hope you're wrong about the Mets/Braves... but I think you're on there too.

And I have that same feelind about Felix. I thought it about his first start back... and if it doesn't happen this next start, I think it's happening by the All-Star break. If he's healthy at the All-Star break, I think he goes onto 300 wins and the Hall.