Monday, December 11, 2006

Maybe It's Not So Crazy

Ok, so the 5-year/$70 million contract for JD Drew still seems insane to me. Props to him for opting out of the 3-year/$33 million the Dodgers owed him. He's a lot richer for that decision.

But the deal seems a lot more sane when you consider the 6-year/$100 million contract that Carlos Lee received from the Astros.

I know this isn't how the contract will be paid, but pretend that Lee gets paid like JD Drew for the first 5 years. That means the 6th year -- when Lee will be more qualified to play d-line for the Texans than outfield for the Astros -- is effectively worth $30 million. That's insane.

And don't even get me started on the Gil Meche contract. Wow.

1 comment:

wiggins said...

Amen, brother. And who knows? Drew may actually stay healthy!

Hah! Okay... sorry... that was uncalled for...