Thursday, September 7, 2006

Mike's Meaningless Predictions

Too bad I don't know a word for "prediction" that starts with the letter M. Oh well... Here are my NFL picks:

NFC EAST - Redskins
WEST - Seahawks
SOUTH - Panthers
NORTH - Bears
WC - Cardinals, Giants

AFC EAST - Patriots
WEST - Chargers
SOUTH - Colts
NORTH - Bengals
WC - Steelers, Broncos

Super Bowl XLI: Bears over Colts

By the way, did you see that the Gators issued t-shirts to students to wear to football games this year? They use roman numerals for the year... except they screwed up. Instead of MMVI the shirts had XXVI on the front. After distributing many of them, the Mensas in Gainesville figured it out.

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wiggins said...

Heh - yeah, the Noles blog put up something about that. Wondered if you saw it...

What a bunch of morons.