Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Ins and Outs

Now we've got something of a list going. Maybe we'll add some names as we think of others (and keep using the comments to add names). In this post I'm going to list who I think is in and who I think is out. There will not be any "I'm not sure" type things associated with any name.

Maybe what we can do is that when Wiggins has his list up we can talk about the guys we disagree about. Maybe that will be interesting.

Guys who are in
Greg Maddux
Roger Clemens
Mike Piazza
Alex Rodriguez -- if he retires today, he's in -- unclutch and all
Derek Jeter -- same as ARod, but with clutch
Randy Johnson
Pedro Martinez
Ivan Rodriguez
Tom Glavine
Robbie Alomar
Craig Biggio
Mariano Rivera
Manny Ramirez
Barry Bonds
Frank Thomas
Jeff Bagwell
John Smoltz
Curt Schilling -- as much as I hate to admit it
Trevor Hoffman
Ichiro Suzuki -- with a couple more good years in the States, his MLB accomplishments alone may be enough to merit enshrinement. He needs 10 years in the bigs to be eligible
Andruw Jones -- he's still young
Chipper Jones
Jim Thome -- when it's all said and done, the numbers will be huge
Mike Mussina -- he'll end up North of 250 wins, but short of 300. Another ring with the Yankees helps his cause
Vladimir Guerrerro
Johan Santana -- he's in the middle of the dominant period of his career
Albert Pujols
Scott Kazmir -- wild guess
Joe Torre
Bobby Cox
Tony LaRussa

Guys who will get in, but who will have to wait awhile
Mark McGwire
Sammy Sosa
Edgar Martinez -- for different reasons than the first two

Not going to make it
Rafael Palmeiro -- I didn't think he was in before the steroid controversy
Jason Giambi
Gary Sheffield
Fred McGriff -- if Palmeiro's not in, how can McGriff?
Carlos Delgado -- I love the guy, but... maybe if he gets a ring with the Mets and has another deep run or two
Jason Varitek -- needs more playoff drama and/or more rings because the stats won't be there
Bernie Williams -- lots of intangibles and team things, but not enough stats
Miguel Cabrera -- intangibles worry me. My gut tells me he won't keep it up
Dontrelle Willis -- I love the guy. He can be great and not make the Hall. No shame in that
Roy Oswalt
Barry Zito
Tim Hudson
Roy Halladay
Rich Harden
Felix Hernandez
Francisco Liriano -- the body of work is too small
Jason Bay -- debuted too old
Carlos Beltran
Alfonso Soriano
David Ortiz -- his Twins years still count
John Scheurholz -- he should be in, but won't make it
Billy Beane -- he's going to need a lot of rings
David Wright -- he'll get in one day. I'm almost sure of it. He'll be in just like Gregg Jeffries -- when he pays his admission just like you and me


wiggins said...

First quick impressions -

I don't think Mussina makes it. Also Kazmir is a stretch, but you knew that. Thankfully - that is SO far off, by the time it happens, none of us will remember this.

Besides - Liriano will be the one to make it.

I love the gratuitous Wright dig.

wiggins said...

What about Ryan Freel? Dude won me my fantasy league last year. He's a beast.

Mike said...

If DUIs were a stat that got you HoF votes, Freel would be a lock.

wiggins said...

That shit ain't right. Can't a brother enjoy a tasty beverage and then enjoy a nice drive?

Why you gotta hate?

Mike said...

I'm not hating. I'm just saying he gets caught... and he's been caught a few times.

wiggins said...

Yeah, yeah...

The funny thing is - he was never on my fantasy team.

Just the fantasy team of my heart.

... and I didn't win, either. Maybe I would have if he had been there...

Mike said...

Do you buy these for yourself when you win your imaginary fantasy leagues? And no, I don't want to hear about how you deserve one from winning the football league last year.

wiggins said...

Hah! That is awesome! We were JUST talking about getting a trophy for our league (although the one suggested was an "Office" bobble-head). That is funny... I will post this on the league board...

Speaking of Fantasy football - we need to do it again. I know my buddy Todd wanted to do one with me this year - want to try and get some people together?

Mike said...

Yeah, I'm in. I'm cool with whatever format. I'd prefer an auto draft though.

We should track down Roger, Dex, and whoever else really played last year.

Have you seen the Reggie Bush fantasy football league commercial on ESPN? It's pretty funny.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Oh yeah, and tell your boy Todd that I'll be happy to make him my Fantasy Football bitch too.

By the way, isn't he the guy who owes us the good Wiggins stories?

wiggins said...

Heh. There ARE no good wiggins stories. He's the one who has the recordings of our old band, though...

wiggins said...

I think we could convince Roger to do it. I think I could track down a coupel of other guys, too. We could certainly check with Dex and them...