Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dan Marino: Juicer?

Who is the most accomplished athlete and suspected steroid user to never win a championship in his sport?

Up until today, the answer to that question was (fairly or unfairly) most likely Barry Bonds. But it now seems like that honor should go to someone else. That's because the honor should probably go to the guy who could never win the big one for the Miami Dolphins -- Dan Marino.

Check it out at SNAC's site. There's Dan, listed amongst the convicted and those convicted by the jury of public opinion, and right in between Jim Courier (gasp?) and Bryce Paup (another blast from the past).

Again, if you're all worked up about Barry Bonds and what he did or didn't do, I hope that you are righteously indignant about Terrell Davis, Ivan Lendl, Michael Chang, and Dan Marino too. And if you think that only the folks listed on SNAC's page are the only users of performance enhancing drugs (PED), you're kidding yourself. Given what they're testing for, my guess is there are more PED users in baseball today than there were two or five years ago.

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wiggins said...

I always hated that guy...