Thursday, March 9, 2006

Bringing the Thunder

Randomness. Complete and utter randomness:

  • I got my hands on one of Wiggins' college papers. Apparently he went to USF for a little while.
  • Have your pets found The Lord? Maybe it's time.
  • The Simpsons - for real.
  • This dude started for the USA in the World Baseball Classic. Are you kidding me?
  • Remember the whole 7th Floor Crew mess for The U? Something similar happened at Michigan, but it wasn't made into a big deal... mainly because the song is really bad (as in, I could rap better than that).
  • There's only one place you need to go for baseball previews (AL here and NL here). I mean, where else are you going to get insight and analysis like this (from the Cubs preview):
    Strength: Catcher Michael Barrett won the Silver Slugger award last year, which is apparently given to a random player whose name is drawn out of a hat.
    Weakness: Derek Lee just missed the triple crown last year when he fucked it up in the end of the season. Expect the Cubs to get less production out of him this year, as last year was a fluke.
    Question mark: Kerry Wood may not be ready in time for opening day. That sentence should be engraved on a plaque on the wall of the manager's office at Wrigley Field.
    Outlook: Mark Prior was dangled as trade bait in the offseason for shortstop Miguel Tejada, probably because the Cubs would prefer someone who is actually good, rather than someone who is theoretically good.


wiggins said...

You feelin' alright, there, man?

I liked the paper, though. I didn't write any like that, but I DID grade some. Ah - the good old days...

fishfan24 said...

"The team’s weakness is its starting lineup, which is unfortunate because starting lineups are important parts of baseball teams."

Love. It.

wiggins said...

I think my favorite is Texas -

The corners of the infield will be patrolled by the fuckin awesome Mark Teixeira and the sort-of-awesome Hank Blalock, who must rebound this year or he'll see a sharp decline in the quality of pussy he’s getting.

Chan Ho Park and his 6ish ERA have been shipped to San Diego, but that’s only 19 hours away. If I were a Rangers fan I still wouldn’t feel completely safe.

fishfan24 said...

Wiggins: how will you die?

wiggins said...


Dig it.

How did YOU die? I died of fits...

Makes sense.

fishfan24 said...

Sucked dry...

By a leech that is. We were just talking about leeches in school this week, too. They can actually be used medicinally in surgical fields and for burn patients. :-)

Why must I do that? Turn everything into med school talk? My apologies.