Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Not sure if this will work

Secret access to the hidden diaries:

Wiggins' Last Thought

Where is Craig tonight?

Scotchy-scotchy scotch

The Real All-Star Balloting is Stupid

Todd Jones Condones Ball-Doctoring - How did we let the use of "condone" in the title slip past unpunished?


Mike said...

It works for me. Can anyone else get into the hidden posts via those links?

wiggins said...


Mike said...

That's a shame. I thought hidden posts would be a fun way to continue to play with them.

How many diaries do you see at a time? The default 10? Maybe I can reorder them so that we can continue to play with certain diaries under everyone's noses.

wiggins said...

I have it set to 50 or some such...

That might be a good way to do it.

Mike said...

Ok - they're all back. The links should work for everyone now.