Friday, October 27, 2006

Women ruin everything/We suck


I take this one all on my head. Nothing has been put up here in weeks.

And my last one was almost a month ago. This place is dead.


All it takes is one woman to come in and make everything go down the tube...

So... ummm... I'm going to do better, now.

I promise.

But first I need to start paying attention to things again. Today was the first step. Deadspin is back in the rotation... if the World Series gets played tonight, I will be watching - especially as it could be the last baseball for months. Kathleen will join me, I hope. She likes baseball, well enough...

And we WILL resurrect Hooray, Beer! We've done it before. We can do it again.

Are you with me!?!??

No? Oh - the wedding plans taking up too much time, eh?

Oh well... I tried.


Mike said...

Are wedding plans taking up too much time? I have only one thing to say to that: do you prefer palm beach coral or persimmon?

wiggins said...

Mmmmm... persimmon.

Please tell me you have cut your man card into tiny pieces...

Mike said...

Oh, definitely. Look down at your feet -- I think you can see it mixed in amongst the scraps of yours.