Thursday, August 31, 2006

Week One NCAA Picks

Here are the ones we are looking at this week -

BC at Cent. Michigan (+12)

Vandy (+26) at Michigan

TCU at Baylor (+7.5)

Washington St. (+15) at Auburn

Akron (+17) at Penn. St.

California (+1.5) at Tennessee

Notre Dame at Georgia Tech (+6.5)

FAU (+33.5) at Clemson

Northern Illinois (+17) at Ohio State

Florida State (+3) at Miami

Wiggins' Picks - BC, Vandy, TCU, Auburn, Akron, Cal, Tech, FAU (Hoot, Hoot!), NIU, FSU

Mike's Predictions:
BC over CMU
Michigan over Vandy
TCU over Baylor
Auburn over WSU -- Auburn's running the table this year
Penn St. over Akron -- PSU will be down this year, but still much stronger than Akron
Tennessee over Cal -- all those shady recruits the Vols got have to be good for something
Georgia Tech over ND
FAU over Clemson
NIU over OSU
Miami over FSU

Mike's Bonus Predictions:
1) Wiggins and I both pick FAU each week, all year
2) I finish the year with a better winning percentage than Wiggins

Game of the Week -- FSU (+3) at Miami
Picks: Wiggins - FSU 24, Miami 17 (optimist - I don't want any kicker involved near the end); Mike - Miami 23, FSU 21

Player of the Game: Wiggins - Booker ; Mike - Richard Gordon

Jenn Sterger prediction: Wiggins - Musberger proposes on air (I actually like that one - I'll leave it) ; Mike - she makes a fool out of herself and her 15 minutes of fame ends by midnight (this one is good, too)


Mike said...

You just wanted to take Vandy, didn't you?

My picks will be up shortly.

wiggins said...

Cool. If you want, you can just edit this and put them at the end, there...

Oh - and...

Vandy, Vandy - oh, hell yes!

Mike said...

Damn - I should have done that. I made my post before I saw yours. Next week we'll just put them in the same post. That will be easier anyway.

wiggins said...

I'm going to change one of my games.

I really want one game tonight and I wanted to include BC, anyway - I just didn't cause the game wasn't top-25 at all. Since it is ACC, though - let's include it. Take out the crap-tastic Pac-10 Stanford game, alright? I'll edit that...

wiggins said...

Looks like we already both laid an egg on one pick. Thanks, BC!

Mike said...

It looks like we differed on 4 of the 10 games this weekend. That's pretty good.

Mike said...

Good in terms of making this picking thing interesting.

But it's bad in the sense of how wrong you're going to be. With the one game we missed already and the other four that you got wrong, your best case is a 50-50 week.

wiggins said...

Working on that cockiness, today, eh?

Okay, I can dig it.

Mike said...

Well (and yes, I should have told you this earlier), I'm using the mini-Ditkas to help me with my picks. The only thing is that I consulted them before you changed to the BC game. So I was on my own for that pick.

wiggins said...

Dude - the Mini-Ditka thing is killing me...

wiggins said...

Monday morning update -

So far Mike is up one, 5-4. I missed on Akron and Cal and he missed on Michigan.

So - it all (of course) comes down to tonight. If FSU wins, I can tie for the first week and salvage some respectability. If not - I look REAL bad...