Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Soccer Books

While I was in England I purchased a few more soccer books - since the selection in the book stores there, oddly enough, was much better than here.

First off, my tour guide Clive suggested "The Italian Job" by Gianluca Vialli, so I picked it up. I'm glad I did, since it looks like it is hard to get here (that amazon page says it is unavailable. Maybe later - it just came out) and so far it is really good. It is comparing English and Italian football cultures, historically and presently. I'm really liking it so far - if it is as good as I think it will be, and it stays this hard to get... maybe I'll ship down my copy to Miami...

Also - while in the store looking at books, I ran into Phil Ball (a very bizarre encounter - he was just checking the store to see if they had his books) who told me I should pick up his book about Real Madrid - White Storm. I got him to sign it for me, which was cool - I think for both of us. He said he hadn't done that before. It was very surreal. I'll read that next, I think. I'll let you know how it is - but it got a very good recommendation from Phil Ball.

Reviews -

I bought the "Brilliant Orange" book about Netherlands soccer that I mentioned earlier while I was in England (it took too long from Amazon, and was cheaper over there) and finished that a couple of days ago. I liked it a lot, but I have always been a big fan of Dutch football - and the Dutch in general. It's well written and an interesting subject. I'd check it out, after I were fairly well acquainted with the subject in general.

Also - before getting on the plane I finished the "Season with Verona" book (as I mentioned in the England round-up). It was a pretty good book, I have to say. I still can't decide, though, if it was brilliant or just okay. It had some great stuff, but also seemed kind of thrown togther at times. It was not as fun a read as the Castel di Sangro book and not as good a book for beginner Soccer fans... but it had some really good insight into fans and football in general - and Verona in specific, obviously. The man knows Italy very well and that is invaluable... I'm tempted to check out some of his other stuff and see if that works better (since I want to know more about Italy in general, anyway).

Anyway- I would say... check out Castel di Sangro first. But maybe the Italian Job before that - I'll keep you posted...

Here endeth the football book moment.


Mike said...

Cool stuff. I went to grade school with a guy named Gianluca. I don't think it's the same guy though.

That's really crazy about Phil Ball. How did you know it was him?

wiggins said...

It was bizarre - he walked in and while I was standing there looking at books he just pulled his off the shelf and said - "This one's good!" In a way that made it obvious to me that he must have written it, so asked him if it was his and he said "yes" - and we got to chatting for a bit. He was there with his son who was antsy to leave, but he was pretty cool about helping out a poor ignorant American. It was cool.