Monday, August 7, 2006

Fearless Yet Crap Baseball Picks

Okay - it hasn't even been three weeks since I last did my last baseball postseason picks... and they already look like crap - at least in the AL. The NL was okay except for the Wild Card. I guess the Brew Crew will probably not be making the run I anticipated/hoped for. Especially if Sheets is hurt badly...

So - here is my new NL. Same as before (Mets, Cards, Pads as division winners) but for the wild card...

Man - I really want to say the Phillies. For some reason I feel like they have a run in them, and when the season began I thought they would win the division... but I just don't see them getting past everyone. I may have to be boring and go with the Dodgers. Especially if they get healthy with Nomar and Kent back. Man, I hate the Dodgers...

As for the AL - what a mess.

I guess I was wrong about Detroit, eh? I am going to go completely with my heart here -

East - Boston
Central - Detroit
West - Oakland
WC - Minnesota

No Yankees at all. I just really want to believe it, so I will put it in print.

Watch out for Minnesota in the postseason, baby.


Mike said...

Even though you don't have the White Sox in your picks, I like them.

And I agree about the Twins. If they get in, they'll win the AL and probably the WS.

I think the Mets will struggle though. They've been on coast all year. It kind of reminds me of the 03 Giants. It's hard to turn it on in the playoffs. The NL wild card (and probably West) winner will be hot.

wiggins said...

I think that is how the AL will work out, unfortunatley, with the Sox getting squeezed. The Yanks may beat out the Red Sox for the East (in fact that is actually probable, I just don't WANT to believe it), and the NL looks clear to me except the wild card... that is throwing darts at this point...