Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Canterbury Tales - part the second

So we got in to Gatwick early Sunday and met our tour guides (who turned out to be great people - thanks, Clive and Ann!) who tooks us on down to the obligatory sight-seeing stop immediately after plane debarking. This is something I never really understood - I don't care how cool the place is... if one has just gotten off of a red-eye, typically all you want to do is go somewhere and get a shower and a nap... not look at an old building or garden.

Am I right?

Anyway - we went to Chartwell, Churchill's home. It was pretty cool, and I can't really complain... but man, I was tired. I was happy to get to the damned hotel later that afternoon. I got to have dinner with Clive and Ann that night and realized what cool people they were (this is truly beginning to sound like a real love-fest from me, isn't it? Don't worry - that's the end of the gushing, I think. We'll see...). Clive is english and a huge Aston Villa fan - he was terribly upset to hear I was a Wigan supporter, but was happy to know there was someone in this group of Americans he could talk football with. I gave him my copy of the Verona book as he hadn't read it and I didn't want to have to pack it to take back home.

They are MUCH better at this tour guide gig than the pople I have worked with in the past. I can't state that enough. They were very helpful, and terribly nice people.

Anyway - I didn't sleep that night, as my phone rang a couple of times (I didn't think it would WORK over there! Thank god no one signed me up for an ARod call or anything...), and my room-mate (Tad) snored like a freight train with a busted wheel. Not a good night - so I crashed the next night and missed the trip to Dover. Oh well.

Anyway - I'll finish this mercifully quickly - eventually I got to know a lot of the people pretty well. They were all very nice and friendly. As with any group there were some that I was glad I didn't have to spend too much time with, and some that I was mad that I didn't get to spend more time with, but what can you do? You get one week. Hell - I may well never see some or all of them again!

One more installment should do it, I think...


Mike said...

I can't imagine taking a tour just after I got off the plane. I might have refused.

It sounds like you had a great trip though. I'm really jealous. Did you take pictures? Had you been to any/many of these places before?

That's crazy about your phone. I thought about having the Snakes on a Plane call sent to you again, but I thought better of it. I hope you didn't get charged some crazy roaming fee while you were over there.

wiggins said...

We had no choice on the tour - it was on the way from teh airport to teh hotel...

I am still not sure what I will get charged for the phoen use. I made a couple of calls over there... hope it isn't too outrageous.

I hadn't been to any of these places before. Even Gatwick - I'd always flown in to Heathrow before...