Monday, July 3, 2006

Trying again...

Wow - I suck. First level of the second round, I was god-like...

We won't talk about what has happened since.

Let's try again, shall we?

I'm taking Germany now against I Azzurri - just can't see the home team losing that one - and the Italians play such nasty football, I can't root for them (no matter how much I might like to).

I'm also taking France against Portugal - much as I don't like France as a concept, I do like Zidane and Henry as people and as players. Ribery is also cool - hard not to root for that team. Plus Portugal is a bunch of dirty, cheating bastards. So - Vive les bleus!

Then I guess we get France invading Germany for once! That would be fun to watch... I really don't know how to call that one. France is playing well right now (they beat Brazil for God's sake!), but so is Germany and they have the home field...


I still have to go with my heart - and les bleus.

...that ought to curse 'em right good!

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