Monday, July 17, 2006

Mike's Fearless Postseason Predictions

Yes, it's mid-July, but I still don't have a handle on who is going to make the MLB playoffs. Here are my picks. After this week's White Sox - Tigers series, I may have a completely different take on everything.

American League
East - Boston Red Sox
Central - Detroit Tigers
West - Los Angeles Angels
Wild Card - Chicago White Sox

I had written off the Yankees going into the weekend. That's a lot different now. Toronto is right there too. The other teams in the Central are too far back. Anything could happen in the West.

National League
East - New York Mets
Central - St. Louis Cardinals
West - Los Angeles Dodgers
Wild Card - Houston Astros

The Reds and Brewers are fun, but neither team is outscoring their opponents on the whole. Plus the Reds traded away a lot of talent last week. Maybe Atlanta, Philly, or a team from the West will sneak into the wild card. Who knows?

It's amazing that we're 90+ games into the season and that everyone in each Western division is within 4 games of the lead. That's fun. A sweep here or there could really give some separation.

Regardless of who makes it, I'll take the AL over the NL in the World Series... but in 5 games.

The trade market hasn't started yet, at least not in earnest. Whatever moves are made between now and the end of July (or August) could end up making these picks look horrific.


wiggins said...

I'll put some up soon. I guarantee you we will both do better on these than we did on the wold cup stuff...

Mike said...

Yeah, but taht's only because I can't do any worse.

wiggins said...

That's what I meant. After that first round (which went well for me) I couldn't do anything right. All my picks sucked ass.

Oh well. I'll do better with a sport I know better, right?


wiggins said...

I just read Fantasyland - it was pretty good. Have you checked it out yet?

Mike said...

I haven't read Fantasyland, but it's on my list. I may have to movie it up.

wiggins said...

I enjoyed it a lot. But that might not be too much of a recommendation...