Friday, June 23, 2006

Time to make Mike look silly

It ain't hard.

Okay - here are the picks -

Germany over Sweden (1-0)
Argentina over Mexico (3-1)
England over Ecuador (2-1)
Netherlands over Portugal (game of the round, decided by penalty kicks)
Italy over Australia (2-0)
Ukraine over Switzerland (2-1, Shevchenko golden goal)
Brazil over Ghana (4-0)
France over Spain (usual Spanish disappointment, 2-1)

Then - (edited - going with my heart now)

Argentina over Germany
Italy over Ukraine
Netherlands over England
Brazil over France

(all great games - wow)

Followed by -

Argentina over Italy
Netherlands over Brazil

Finals -

Argentina over Netherlands.

Can't quite go all the way with my Dutch boys... but having them beat England and Brazil - that's going out on a limb enough, I guess....

I'm gonna feel real stupid if they do win it all, though, and I just didn't have the faith.

(last edit) - I swear I did this before I saw Davies' picks. He only goes against me on the Ukraine pick in the next round, even going so far as to call the penalties in the Netherlands game... weird.


Mike said...

Ooh - look at the fancy boy predicting the scores of each match.

Why no Man of the Match predictions? Or are those coming later tonight/early tomorrow?

wiggins said...

I thought it was assumed that the Ref would be the man of the match for most...

chaco50 said...

All right. Very good!. I'm argentinien of course...
I'd like: Argentina 3 Brasil 0

wiggins said...

I'll take that. Brazil needs a good taking down.

My favorite line from the book - "Rooting for Brazil in the World Cup is like Rooting for the US in War"