Sunday, April 23, 2006

Back to Baseball

Sorry about the previous posts.

I'm feeling much better now. I quit my opera gig and that has made my life MUCH better.

So anyway - What's up with THIS shit?

"Sometime within the last several weeks, the Marlins offered Dontrelle Willis to the Mets for David Wright, according to Newsday."

Two things - why? And - Didn't they say they weren't looking to trade Dontrelle? I know Wright is great and all, but I'm happy with Miggy at third. ...and Dontrelle starting.

What the hell?

Okay. Sorry.

Just wanted to put something other than my drunken uselessness up here.



Mike said...

Usually Newsday is dead on with their rumors (in that they often turn out to be true). But this makes no sense. Why would the Marlins want Wright? Getting him would almost mean you'd have to move Cabrera (or change his position, again).

But why would the Mets do it either? Don't get me wrong, I love Dontrelle. But Wright could be the face of that franchise for the next 15 years. I just read somewhere this week (think it was the NY Post) that Wright is the most popular Met.

Mike said...

Also, I am confused. Didn't we just go from talking about you needing to sing to you saying that you were happy b/c you quit your singing gig?

Mike said...

Juan Uribe has his second homer of the day and it's only the sixth inning. Methinks the ball is juiced.

wiggins said...

Holy crap!

I didn't see these comments until just now. Why the heck didn't they show up? I hate blogger...

And yes - I was happy to ditch this opera - cause it was a horrible experience. Not all operas are good. This one sucked and the the production was a mess. Turns out they cancelled it after I left, anyway (NOT because I left - just because it sucked).