Saturday, April 1, 2006

April Fools

I hate life.

I FINALLY get a chance to watch my Noles play some ball.

They get a beautifully pitched game from Chambliss. They are up 3-2 with two outs in the ninth and then the D fails 'em. The D! Here a boot, there a boot, everywhere a boot-boot!

It's the story of my life as a Noles fan. How does this happen? They beat up on one of the best teams in the nation at their place and then one of their strongest assets just completely fails them!

Now I can forgive them losing to Miller on Friday - dude's a beast. But then they had to come back and get this game today. And they had it! They had it! And they pissed it away!!!

Damnit. I still can't see straight I'm so pissed.

Go noles! Number one team in the country.

April fools.


Mike said...

Who pitched for UNC today? Their top two starters are going to be first round picks. No shame in losing to those guys.

I'll admit though that I'm behind on college ball this year, and not just because UM is sucking. I think FSU is not ranked as high by RPI as they are by the polls, so if the tourney started today they could be screwed with the seeding/hosting. It's early though - the meat of the ACC play and the conference tourney are going to determine a lot.

I just hope Miami's post-season streak doesn't end this year.

And don't tell me about depressed. I saw the Canes first Spring scrimmage. The offense was horrible. Now we have new coaches who have installed a one-back set. We still have a plethora of dive plays though. Not surprisingly, they are even less effective without a fullback in the backfield. Lovely.

wiggins said...

I don't care who pitched for UNC. He was good, but got out-pitched. The Noles should have won - they pissed it away. No excuses.

They better get their shit together and at least win one today...

Sorry about UM. I haven't heard anything about Nole football in while...

wiggins said...

I just flipped over to the UM-Clemson game.


Sorry, man.