Monday, March 13, 2006


I am getting alternatingly more into, and more amazingly frustrated with, the WBC. Yesterday was pretty cool, though. I'm happy because finalyl a decent number of the games were actually on TV. Of course - I'm mad because I couldn't actually watch most of them as I had other things going on (stupid family crap and then an opera to go to), but it was nice that they finally did something right and put the shit on the TV.

I have to say, though, that the highlight for me... was the Korea hat. How cool is it? Let me count the ways.

Trucker hat? Yup.

Sky blue? Check.

Big dorky 'K'? Oh mamma mia!

I HAVE to get one of those Korea hats!

This desire is made THAT much stronger by the fact that YOU CAN'T GET ONE! I could get a Chan Ho Park Jersey for $129.99 if I wanted - OR an Italy cap. Or a freeaking South Africa cap!!!

Korea is Undefeated!!! AND they have the coolest cap EVER! And you can't buy it!

Just another reason to be truly annoyed with the way they have handled this whole thing.

I hate Bud Selig.


Mike said...

To add to that brilliance, the undefeated Korean's will be shown on tape delay tonight at 2 am, against the USA. What's the point in that? No reasonable time for the US game to start let alone be on TV? That's crazy.

I'm loving the tournament and the games themselves though. This PR - Venezuela game is the first I'm watching on TV. I've listened to a bunch of others on the radio and they've been great.

I'm going to keep an eye out for your hat. What size are we looking for?

wiggins said...

Heh. If you found one - I would love you forever. So maybe you'd better not.

But if you do - I have a HUGE head. I need an 8, I think...

I have enjoyed watching the games. I'm sorry I can't watch more. I'm sorry I can't catch more. I'm also sorry that it looks like the D.R./Venezuela game will be an elimination one (basically - right?). It's too bad one has to go home already...

But that will probably be a SICK game to watch. AND it's on TV. Tomorrow at 7:00!

Mike said...

I think both of the remaining games in the San Juan bracket are elimination games. That's kind of fun.

I'm not sure of the tie-breakers, but I think the US is pretty much in with a win... unless Japan beats Mexico and Korea - then there's the three way tie mess again.

I have no read on Korea (who I thought was barely supposed to make it out of the first round) or Cuba at this point. This tournament is awesome though. I wish the championship was at least best of three though. A college baseball format would be awesome.

wiggins said...

Yeah - it sucks to go to single elimination for the semis and final. Hopefully they can tweak all that crap around for the next time.