Saturday, March 18, 2006

Korea Hat!!!!

My life is complete.

I can now get a Korea hat.

Thank you, MLB store - finally!

Of course - it's the wrong one. It is the darker blue one, not the truly cheesy sky blue one, but I will take what I can get. Too bad this is too late for me to get for my fantasy baseball draft today.

...or my trip to Italy. THAT would be sweet!

Okay... better get on the road. Scotch and a first round pick of Calvin Pickering await!


wiggins said...

Korea was cursed - they should never have put that hat up for sale...

Mike said...

The whole thing is fixed. And now it seems that the final is going to be pre-empted by overtime in a second round NIT game. Ouch.

Mike said...

WTF? The hat is already out of stock... or the link isn't working.

minsuk said...

check ebay! i'm selling an official mlb team korea cap!