Friday, March 31, 2006

Italian Madness!!! Part 2

Now - I want to erase any fear that I am just going to bitch about the trip here. The flight problems, etc., were really the only problem, and since there was not much to be done about that and since all it really did was make me miss the Pope - I don't really care.

I actually had a great time on the trip.

I went with two avowed motives -

1. Have fun, damnit.

2. Soak up as much Italian culture/language/atmosphere as possible.

I think I got both of those down. I spent time with the people on the tour that I liked (a couple of very good old friends and some cool people I met from the group) and ignored the ones who were determined not to have a good time (my roommate, in particular). I saw beautiful sights, had some really good food, wine, espresso (I still can't drink american coffee yet...) - but unfortunately did not meet the Italian woman of my dreams. One of the tour guides was very nice and cute, but got sick and left for most of it...

I have to assume it wasn't because I was hitting on her.

Oh well.

Rome was lovely - and I want to go back. I will do so when I have lost more weight and am still yet prettier - and more confident in my abilities to charm the pants off of some lovely native with my beautiful opera singing.

Let's make a Hooray, Beer! field trip of it!

P.S. - here is a shot of the new Wiggins is action -


Mike said...

That is a really cool picture. We may need to do a side by side of the older opera pic we have of you -- for our newer readers. It looks like you've lost a lot of weight.

Bummer about the "sick" girl. Sucks when that happens.

Sounds like a heck of a trip. I definitely in whenever there's a follow up trip. I was supposed to be going to Europe in September, but it looks like I'm going to the Caribbean instead. Long story, for another day.

It's opening day eve!

wiggins said...

Sorry about the trip - although the caribbean does not suck.

Yep - lost a lot of weight and intend to lose a good deal more. Soon, I'll be too damn sexy for the world.

When I go on the Prague/Vienna/Budapest tour next year, I'll make a proviso of that trip that you have to come along as my spiritual advisor. What do you think?

Mike said...

Having me as your spiritual advisor could be the beginning of the end for you... so, I'm in.

Todd said...

That guys kinda looks like Danny Graves....I mean without all the "intimidating relief guy" hair

Mike said...

Yeah - he kind of looks like he's staring down someone that he intends to kill.

wiggins said...

That was probably one of the "less than musically wonderful moments"...