Friday, March 31, 2006

Italian Madness!!!! Part 1

Okay - so it wasn't really that kind of trip, but we'll work with that, anyway.

I guess we should start with the whole Pope thing, since that was how the whole trip started. The main problem there was really the day before - and I will start this by saying Air France sucks serious ass. For some reason they decided that 45 minutes was enough time to get from one side of Charles de Gaulle airport to the other - while going through passport control! Needless to say we missed our flight to Rome and were late there making that a VERY long day and had to wait till the next day for our luggage.


Plus - I was sick.

Now... if I was going to make it to the Papal audience I was going to have to get up at like 5:00 the next morning (killing any chance of feeling good for the rest of the trip) and spend hours on a bus to sing one short chorale with a large choir (who wouldn't miss me) surrounded by 30-40 thousand other people (most of whom wouldn't hear ANY of us). And I'm an atheist!

This was not going to happen. This is how I missed my opportunity to sing for the pope. The end.

I'm sure Benny missed me, though.

We'll continue later.


Mike said...

Wow - that's crazy. I can think of a ton of airports (domestically) where a 45-minute lay over isn't long enough. It sucks that you got caught up in that.

At least you and Benny are on a first name basis like that. That's cool.

wiggins said...

Me and Benny go way back. I used to know him as Joey, but had to switch over - you know... to be proper and all.