Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Ugliest Game Ever?

I know I should be happy because the Noles won - but, honestly, the only positive I see from my perspective is that Miami lost. The Noles are going nowhere with that offense - unless one of those quarterbacks magically figures out how to throw the ball. The defense was spectacular, but it won't matter over the long haul if the offense is absolutely incapable of moving the ball.

Miami is obviously a good team, and any time we can start them in a hole is a good thing (in my mind). I don't think we learned much about their defense tonight as I think the Noles' troubles had more to do with their own incompetence than Miami's defense - we'll see about that. Wright will be good though, no?

The Noles got lucky. That was an unbelievably ugly game that they probably should have lost. They will undoubtedly lose a few games this season. I am glad they beat Miami, but I am sad because it will be a long season. Dealing with ONE freshman quarterback is bad enough. Two is twice as bad, especially as there will likely be a quarterback controversy simmering for most of the season unless one of them steps up and actually plays well.

I wish I could say I was unequivocably happy about the game - but I guess I'm feeling better than SOME people...


Mike said...

Congrats on the game.

But like you said, this was an ugly game all around. Neither team played particularly well. Neither team looked like a top 10 or top 15 team.

I suppose that's the biggest disadvantage of playing this game as the first game of the year (last year's game was ugly too and neither team deserved to win that one).

That said, there's more (immediate) hope for FSU. They at least had a semblance of an o-line. Miami had none (although their offense seemed to have playmakers).

I'm not even sure that it puts Miami in a hole though (other than that they suck). "All" the Canes have to do is run the table to get into the conference championship game. Realistically, they were going to have to do that whether they won or lost the game (as Va Tech will likely win all their other games). The same could have been said about FSU had they lost the game (they really need to beat BC - who's in their division).

Fun game. Great rivalry. But I don't think it "means" as much anymore that they have this conference set up with a championship game. That said, it more than likely takes Miami out of the national title hunt (barring unforseen developments - although they were likely on the outside looking in) and FSU's low ranking at the start of the year probably will keep them on the outside anyway.

Oh well. Hopefully both teams will improve - and quickly. FSU has a gimmie this weekend (Citadel) and Miami's off, but both teams are tested on the 17th (FSU - BC, UM - Clemson).

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