Friday, July 22, 2005

Ignore this. The post after it is much better.

Can I just tell you all how much I HATE this slow recovery bullshit? I know I can't really complain since the entire thing could have been SO much worse, but this is very annoying. I feel pretty good overall, but I just still can't do anywhere near what I used to be able to. I hate having to admit weakness and such, and not being able to go to work, or work out, or socialize much really freaking sucks. It's almost like it would have been better if I had even broken an arm or some such, so I had more of a tangible excuse for feeling so shitty. I feel like a complete pussy because I look as normal as ever, and don't have too many specific aches and pains, but I just cannot get back to my normal life. Much as this will probably come as a shock to everyone - I really don't enjoy whining all he goddamned time...

Okay. Done venting.


Mike said...

You know, I was just about to say that it had been awhile since you mixed in a "I ALMOST DIED" and then you go and do this.

Walk it off, jerk.

wiggins said...

Heh. Alright, alright.


Notice, though, that I saved it for this site. Does that make it less annoying?

Mike said...

It's not annoying. I'm just playing with you.

I still can't believe that you got out of that car alive and in one piece. You have a story to tell and are entitled to plenty of complaining.

wiggins said...

Naw - it's true. I'm a whiny pussy. Everyone says it.