Sunday, July 24, 2005

Happier stuff

The first drink of the day!

Hooray, Monkey Beer!

Can't believe I missed this one. Thanks, Fishfan!

I love these guys...

Of course, MY favorite is the Pavarotti one.


craig said...

The place finally has a theme song and great one at that

wiggins said...

Yup. I'll get Mike working on that as a link, or maybe even playing in the background. Might be a bit ambitious.

I sent him an mp3 of the baroque drinking song (the text of which is our motto - minus the Hooray, Beer!). He never did get that up and running on the site.


Mike said...

I tried to get it to play in the background, but I wasn't able to. And then I forgot about it.

That is my lame excuse.